As shoppers entered the doors of 99 SUDBURY (Toronto) for the second season of INLAND this past weekend, they were not only thrilled by the talent in company, but excited to get spending in order to be entered to win 1 of 3 designer gift bags valued at $1000 each. 

For every $100 spent, shoppes were entered into a draw to win a collection of unique pieces by contributing designers: ALYNNE LAVIGNEALYSHAALEXArcherade,  Bay CooperCopiousDAIKUDee de Lara JewelryDevlyn van LoonDolorous JewelryEncircledGab McNeil + Stolen RichesMeemozaMade for Margaret May28thmeiresthai design, MohawkiTHERE ARE MANY OF USand Vespertine We had the chance to personally deliver the prize bags to the 3 winners. What a treat for them, and me!

I first met with Michelle at her office at Queen + Portland where she works in hospitality sales. She was wearing a Liana Marie ring and necklace by Liel and Lentz, both purchased at INLAND.  

How did you hear about INLAND?  "I follow Liel and Lentz on Instagram and heard about the show through one of their posts." 

How much did you spend at INLAND? $900

What are your thoughts on Canadian fashion and design? "There is a lot of talent in Canada and I admire anyone in the design field, it's a competitive market. I love to support in anyway I can. Keep making great stuff!" 

What was your overall impression of INLAND? "Great! I loved it a bit too much (as you can tell from my spending)!" 

Afterward, I travelled to Cabbagetown to meet with Rohan, a Human Rights lawyer and former stylist who has worked with outfits like HBC, CityTv and Ford. Wearing his new Travis Taddeo shorts purchased at INLAND, Rohan and his lovely mom shared their views of deep love and respect for Canadian fashion. "We are a fashion family."    

How did you hear about INLAND?  "I was given a free ticket from Lee at Pipler Accessories

How much did you spend at INLAND?  $180 on Travis Taddeo

What are your thoughts on Canadian fashion and design? "I (we) love Canadian fashion. So often our designers end up going to other countries to sell and it's too bad. Larger Canadian retailers and department stores like Holts and HBC need to support emerging designers more. They should have a new talent section for local brands and labels. The Room is awesome, but I wish there was more local."    

What was your overall impression of INLAND? "I loved it! It was great! I wish it were on for longer. I'm happy I made it in time"

Finally, I completed my delivery tour at a gorgeous home near the Rosedale Golf Club to visit with Shannon and her daughter Alex who were also both wearing their new pieces bought at INLAND by Jennifer Fukushima,  Amanda Moss, and Meiresthai Design

How did you hear about INLAND?  "Some friends, including their daughter and recent Ryerson Fashion Communications graduate Kristina McMullan had come by for dinner on Saturday night and told us about INLAND". Alex is here visiting from Japan where she works as an English teacher and the two decided to spend one of her final days here, shopping Canadian design.  

How much did you spend at INLAND? (Shannon) "Let's put it this way, we had 10 entries into the draw".

What are your thoughts on Canadian fashion and design? (Shannon) "Oh my! There are so many great things being made here in Canada!" There's an unfortunate lingering myth that locally made means crafty, but it's not! We were really, really impressed with the quality, the design, the professionalism of the artists - everything about the event. It was wonderful and we're big supporters of Canadian designed and made." 

What was your overall impression of INLAND? (Alex) "Really, really amazing! The Japanese community (where she currently lives and works) proudly supports their local design industry and I would love to see more of that here in Canada. I recently decided to buy more Canadian but it's been an issue of access, I wouldn't know where to shop for Canadian. I'm glad INLAND exists." 

Three very different perspectives, each with the same ideas about shopping and supporting Canadian fashion and design...that we need to do more of it. Our goal at INLAND is to bring more Canadian designers, both emerging and established, to market. To put a spotlight on their work, to make their collections more knowable and accessible, and to eventually establish a strong international identity where larger accounts can be gained. We're in the business of fashion and thank everyone who gets that and supports that. 

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