"Comfortable and stylish" is how French-Canadian designer Mélissa Bolduc describes her line and the overall approach behond her brand Melow. With an extraordinary talent for designing and creating women's wear that understands and customizes to each unique silhouette, Mélissa is very well respected in the Canadian design world for her sensible, day-to-evening line that is wearable by every women.

"I'm trying to make women feel good about themselves, about how they look, no matter their shape, look or silhouette".

Born in Matane, Québec, Melissa started making her own clothes at age 16. She went on to study Commercialisation de la mode at the John Casablanca Institute, in Vancouver and Fashion Art at the Vancouver Community College.

In 2008, she started her own line Melow after renting a boutique/work studio/showroom on St-Denis street in Montreal. Since then, the showroom has moved out and the St-Denis boutique is solely devoted to Melow collections. Melow has expanded significantly since and now sells in 30 stores across Canada as a leader in defining Canadian casual style.


Reflective of Mélissa's drive and passion for her work, she has signed the Charte Québécoise pour une Image Saine et Diversifiée, a charter that represents a collective social agreement to encourages body shape diversity. Those who’ve signed the Charter recognize that the current standards of beauty, focused on extreme thinness, can be damaging to self-esteem. Mélissa is devoted to designing clothes and promoting forms of  beauty that represent and make all women as gorgeous as they are. 

Meet Mélissa and add 1, 2 maybe 3 of her gorgeous, Montreal-made Melow pieces to your own collection at INLAND. September 6+7, 2014.

Sarah Power