Amanda Moss is timeless in her designs. With her recognizable silhouettes and everygirl style, what’s not to love? 

“Aside from new fabrics and colors every season, I aim to create a flow between seasons. I try not to do jump around chasing trends.  The idea is to create timeless designs that can be worn for many years.” Says the Newfoundland born, Montreal designer.

After her studies, Amanda started her career in design as an assistant menswear designer in 2001. After this she worked for a few companies at the head designer but decided to start her own line 2013.

"I try not to jump around chasing trends."

Amanda used to describe herself as a “border line hoarder” when it came to her clothing. “Now I've tried to curate and streamline my wardrobe” she says. Albeit, there’s still one item of clothing she couldn’t live without “I am pretty keen on a vintage denim shirt I snagged at a clothing swap once.  I also have some pretty great vintage dresses that I don't foresee letting go.”

As a designer Amanda tries to plan her week ahead of time. “If I'm cutting production, I try to do nothing but cut.  When I'm cutting I like to listen to podcasts to keep me focused. Music makes my mind wander.  When I'm designing, it's a lot more random.  I sit for days sometimes perfecting a design.  It's tough to find that sweet moment between thinking it’s perfect and wanting to scrap it completely.”

Shop Amanda Moss online or meet her and shop her collection in person at INLAND Fall, September 26+27, 2015. 99 SUDBURY Street, Toronto.  

Written by: Deborah Lopez-Delgado, INLAND Intern + Ryerson University Fashion Communications student.