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Bano eeMee was created as an homage to founder Aleem Arif's family. His grandmother lovingly referred to his mother as "Bano" while his mother referred to him as "eeMee", the name is a tribute to both generations and a symbol of the care Aleem has put into creating his collection of timeless lamb leather jackets and accessories.  

The Bano eeMee brand is made from premium leather sourced from Italy, Turkey, and Pakistan from byproducts of the food industry. Social consciousness is in the core of Bano eeMee's ethos. Spending four months of the year working alongside his staff in the factory, Aleem is committed to ensure workers are being paid fairly and treated ethically.   

We asked Aleem to share his thoughts on his work and the Canadian fashion industry. 

Do you have any favourite pieces from your current collection? 
I love the perforated leather bomber “Jali” I have created for the new Bano eeMee collection. 

Can you describe yourself in three words? 
Passionate, creative and genuine.

What makes you feel most liberated? When I am traveling and in the air flying across an ocean.

If you weren't designing, what would you be doing?
Working in my bank job which I quit to start my career in fashion. 

Tell us something surprising about yourself. 
That I used to be a stock trader and that I am a self-taught designer. 

What do you think defines Canadian style? 
Canadian style is diverse; you can find anything from high street to ath-leisure. Canadians are known for their layers and puffer jackets but you can always add edge to your style with a supple leather jacket. 

What would you like to see happening in the Canadian fashion industry 5 years from now? 
Canada has wonderful design talent and it would be great to see the government recognizing “fashion” as an important and essential industry to promote and showcase our great nation through the lens of fashion locally and internationally. 

Meet Aleem and shop his collection at INLAND this September 29/30.

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Shop Canadian leather jackets at INLAND
Shop Canadian fashion at INLAND
Shop Canadian fashion at INLAND
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