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Camille Côté designed her first collection while graduating from high school. At the age of sixteen, she left her hometown of Rimouski. Driven by her dream, she devotes herself to fashion design in Quebec City and develops her skills in the ready-to-wear industry in Montreal. 

Camille's goal is to create elegant and suitable designs for the everyday women of all ages and nationalities. Off the beaten path, she abolishes all standards and seeks inspiration in the heart of the popular districts, promoting her vision of free femininity. 

Canadian fashion INLAND
Shop Canadian fashion at INLAND
Canadian-made hats by Camille-Cote
Canadian fashion at INLAND

Why do you choose to make / manufacture in Canada?
We have all the necessary resources and space for growing and shining on the international scene. 

What are / were your greatest challenges in getting started as a designer and entrepreneur?
Balancing design and business.

What designer, artist or performer would you like to collaborate with?
Yohji Yamamoto

How do you measure success?
When you transcend established codes with deep values in order to leave a positive message in the community. Reaching people in their hearts and fight for convictions. 

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Free, sensible and strong

What makes you feel most liberated?
Promoting a message empowering woman's affirmation trough fashion.

Where do you shop for clothes and jewelry? 
Evelyne Boutique in Montreal have a great selection of talented Canadian designers.

What 5 things could you not live without in life?
My boyfriend, my cat, my uniform, my coffee(s) and chips.

Cat or dog person?
Mostly dogs but I am in-love with my cat.

What music are you listening to these days?
Classical in morning, pop in afternoon, hip hop or jazz in evening. Also Peter Peter’s new album on repeat.

Last book you read (and liked)? 
L’étranger – Albert Camus

Favorite restaurant or coffee shop?
5000 ans – a Korean restaurant in Montreal “Quartier Latin”

Where do you get your news? 
La Presse+  Le Devoir, New-York times, Radio-Canada radio/CBC radio.

What are you watching on Netflix?
The Office

If you weren't designing, what would you be doing?
Probably in a depression…

What is something about yourself that would surprise people?
I began to draw clothes at age 3 my mother says. Then sewing clothes to sell them on street at age eight. Funny but, I was also making my kind of “collection plan” on the computer. 

Meet Camille and shop her namesake collection at INLAND Sept 29/30. 


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