Founded in her intense passion for carving, Jade Boutilier, designer and maker behind the brand Captve, drew from Michelangelo's "Captive" series as the source of inspiration for her unique, wax-carved collection. With only one year underway as a fully launched line, Jade is already making a strong statement with her work, her unique process and her overall brand story.  Here's the scoops directly from Jade.  


Why did you decide to start your brand? 
For me, Captve is therapeutic. It’s a platform I use to reveal a side of myself I otherwise wouldn’t be able to explore. I guess this is why the anonymity behind a brand name has always seemed vital. 

What were you doing before designing? 
I worked in fast fashion. Having worked within the industry, I’ve become more aware of my morals which, in turn, align with Captve’s. 

What are/were your greatest challenges in getting started as a designer and entrepreneur? 
Though the brand is only a year and a half old, it took over four years to build. I’m a cautious person and the thought of jumping into a brand without having a proper understanding of its origin held me back for quite some time. In some ways I’m grateful for this because it gives Captve a very solid base, but I’ve had to learn that I can’t perfect everything and that time, in fashion, it is usually of the essence.  

Do you work with a team or on your own? 
I am the founder and designer of Captve, but I’m incredibly lucky to have a partner that has put
as much time as I have into the brand. 

Captv Studio_INLANDspring2016

How do you measure success? 
For me success is measured in the little tasks I complete each day.  

What’s the best advice you've received in life and/or business?   
Every step is a step forward.   

Who are some key people that inspire / motivate you?  
I am fortunate to share a studio alongside fourteen talented and successful designers. Being   surrounded by these individuals, some who already know the ups and downs of the industry and some who are as new to it as myself, keeps me motivated.  

Captv Studio

What advice would give emerging talent? 
Never cater to anyone but yourself. 

When you’re not working, what are you doing? 
Right now I am taking French classes, so my mornings are dedicated to that. In the afternoons, if  I’m not in my studio, I’m working on other side projects that will hopefully one day influence the direction of Captve

Why does Made in Canada matter?  
Supporting local design is important. It helps strengthen our economy and gives a voice to our  nation.  

Meet Jade in person and shop her incredible collection at INLAND this May 6-8, 2016 at 134 Peter Street in the atrium of the new QRC West tower at Queen & Peter. 

Sarah Power