Holiday season is in full swing and there’s no better way to shop than local! A top shop on our holiday list this season, we recently visited Coal Miner’s Daughter to chat with owner’s Krysten Caddy and Janine Cockburn about their experience as local leaders in the Canadian designer retailer scene. Here's the scoop...

Coal Miner's Daughter_ Krysten Caddy and Janine Cockburn

IN:  How do you find and first hear about the labels you carry?
CMD:  We started out through creative friends and friends-of-friends. It's evolved into a mix now, some people seek us out but we are always on the hunt for amazing local makers.

IN:  What is it like working with so many Canadian designers? 
CMD:  We are very close with many of our designers. We have some who started out while they were still in school and we've been able to develop and grow alongside them. 

IN:  How do you think Canadian fashion compares or differs internationally?
CMD:  I think Canadian fashion has a practical aspect to it. We have 4 seasons to deal with here and we need to see that reflected in the clothing we carry. 

IN:  Outside of your shop, how do you support Canadian-made fashion?
CMD:  We help many young designers with product development projects and contribute to a number of different fundraisers in our neighbourhoods.

IN:  What do you predict will be “the look” in 2016?
CMD:  We aren't generally very trend-focused. We like to offer pieces that will last for years and will make you feel good every time you put it on.

Coal Miner's Daughter boutique
Coal Miner's Daughter Dress
Coal Miner's Daughter booties

IN:  Any current trend that make you cringe?
CMD:  I'm a big believer in wearing whatever the hell you want to if you feel good in it. There are things I don't feel good in, so I don't wear them, but I wouldn't cringe if someone else was rocking it.

IN:  Tell us about your most interesting customer or sale?
CMD:  Every time I (Janine produces her own in-house collection called Haller ) make a custom-made garment for someone, it’s a great feeling. I know I've created something truly unique and long-lasting.    

IN:  What are your thoughts on the gentrification of Queen Street? 
CMD:  Queen Street is always changing. To see all that happening around you just keeps you on your toes, and we know we have to continue to offer the best of Canadian design.

IN:  What can shoppers expect to find your boutiques for the holidays?
CMD:  We've got a bit of everything for the holidays. Party dresses and jewellery galore, but great gift items as well: Toronto-made mittens, teas, perfumes, bags, scarves...

IN:  You've been very successful with 3 shops, any plans for more?
CMD:  There are always plans in the works!

Pop by Coal Minor’s Daughter at one of their 3 downtown locations to shop a stellar collection of Canadian fashion, apparel and accessory designers from makers coast to coast. 

Written by: Arti Jalan, maker of Owl & Oak greeting cards + Toronto-based blogger