After only one show, we are extremely proud and humbled by the wonderful response we've received from shoppers, designers, retailers, media and local community. We're mesmerized each day by how much remarkable talent there is in Canada and we can't wait to grow, season after season, to showcase more of it!  Our goal is to support independent Canadian designers and entrepreneurs by providing them an opportunity to build their brand and generate sales by getting directly in front of their customer. We like live interaction, genuine conversation, and the experience of coming together as real people. We also like great design and want to share the best that Canada has to offer. 

Our very tiny team over here at INLAND started out with a strict mandate to only promote collections and products that were "made-in-Canada". We continue to deeply value that agenda, but we also recognize that growth is good. In order to fully support as many Canadian designers and businesses as possible, we've evolved to include a small portion of products that have been manufacture - ethically and sustainably - across the globe. Our #1 goal is to support Canadian designers. We look forward to doing more of that year after year.

Sarah Power