Genevieve, Owner and Designer for HEN Jewelry | INLAND Spring 2015

Genevieve, Owner and Designer for HEN Jewelry | INLAND Spring 2015

Genevieve Smolders of HEN Jewelry is a poster girl for "self starter" in the local Canadian fashion scene. She's hardworking, playful, tremendously talented, and just about one of the loveliest human beings you'll ever meet.  

After finishing school at Ryerson University for Fashion Communications, Genevieve decided to try her hand at designing and started her own line of handcrafted jewelry. "To be honest, I was almost forced into becoming a designer, I couldn't get a decent job after university! I also loved the idea of making my own hours, and the freedom of working for myself." 

    Genevieve believes in high quality products and admires accessory and fashion designers who produce looks that last. "My absolute favourite designer is Eve Gravel. The quality of her work is fantastic and I love that she's from Montreal. For future designers Genevieve has an important nugget of wisdom; "You gotta spend money to make money. Don't go cheap." Following her own advice, the quality of Genevieve's design work and overall presentation is evident in every aspect of her business. 

"You gotta spend money to make money."

Hen_and_Bear_INLAND Fall 2015_1.png

Genevieve's three "must haves'' for this summer are, "maxi skirts, long-ass t-shirts with the splits up the side (I love the crazy rompers, especially by MinkPink) and HEN stacking bracelets! I am in love with maxi skirts - especially the slightly sexier ones with the deep split at the side. Every girl, every body type looks great in them. I know I look damn good in them." 

Keeping the ladies looking stylish isn't Genevieve's only mission however. She recently launched a men's collection called "Bear". (HEN and BEAR, adorable right!?) Her new online store perfectly showcases her diverse talents and tireless energy. Playful as always, Genevieve describes BEAR as " a contemporary men's jewelry line, a little darker and simpler than HEN, Made for for your everyday Lumbersexual.

Shop HENandBEAR online anytime and then when you realize you still need more (that's a promise) visit INLAND to meet Genevieve and shop her collection in person this September 26+27th at 99 SUDBURY, Toronto. 

Written by: Deborah Lopez-Delgado, INLAND Intern + Ryerson University Fashion Communications student.