As a child Stéphanie P. Grenier, of luxury brand IMPAIR, dreamed of being a Princess scientist who saved the world against the evils of money. Now that she's all grown up her dreams may be more realistic, but no less ambitious. 

    Before becoming a designer Stéphanie was dreaming about being one. She worked for others and questioned the fashion industry. All of which helped her gain experience that ultimately helped her develop as a designer; " I learned a lot about timing, quality, fabric, fit, what people like and what I like the most! All the skills you need to become a good garment maker." Stéphanie prefers to call garment makers "fashion artists" or "body architects", a much more endearing name and an expression of how she views her work. 

    Stéphanie accredits the building she works in as the place where she has learned the most about being a designer; " the building I'm based in is like a secret artist garden... I'm able to let go."  She believes that being a designer is about following your intuition;  "Don't listen to others and follow your guts. Being a fashion artist is 30% skills and 70% being able to follow your flow and take your own risks to explore your deep creativity."

    Her intuitiveness is also a huge factor in her inspiration and design process; "[inspiration] is more intuitive, what my thoughts and tastes are at the time. The appreciation of creating a mistake to find beautiful solution in garments, going over my capacity and developing more skills, pushing my art, creating comfortable and timeless pieces." Always the dreamer, Stéphanie's initial interests derive from her dreams; " Dreams when I'm creating are highly influential by the idea of evolution, societal changes and all the possibilities that float in the universe which could define our futures!"

    It's almost impossible not to notice that Stéphanie is a free spirit. She associates herself as being a citizen of the world not just Canadian; "I'm a human of the planet. I wish they weren't rules and separations between lands." But being a Canadian designer has its benefits; "I guess being in a safe country with a plausible past helps me to be a greater artist and try new stuff. Being able to regard the world through calm and questioning eyes."

Meet Stephanie and shop her collection IMPAIR this May 2+3 at #INLANDSpring2015. 

Written by: Deborah Lopez-Delgado,
INLAND Intern + Ryerson University Fashion Communications Student