is the moniker for creations by Montreal designer Agathe Bodineau. Graphic, minimalist, raw or geometric, the necklaces, ornaments and accessories by LaLaYeah are centered around an adoration for leather combined with materials such as silver and bronze as well as horse and synthetic hair. The limited edition pieces are made by hand in Agathe's studio where she gives great attention to the unique nature of her materials and puts significant care into each fine detail.


Agathe is a self-taught jeweler who graduated from Concordia University with a degree in Painting & Drawing. She also studied at École des beaux-arts de Montpellier, France where her passion for design and fine materials led her to launch LaLaYeah, an independent design line and lifestyle. She works with designers on varying projects in both art and fashion, drawing inspiration from architectural lines, rock’n’roll, extreme adornments and then shapes her into a quiet, somber and minimalist aesthetic.

Meet Agathe of LaLaYeah at INLAND. September 6+7, 2014.

Sarah Power