Mary Young describes her style as "comfortable and cool", something that is clearly evident in her line of stylish loungewear and lingerie. "My target customer is the main inspiration for my collection and designs. I find people watching to be a great source of inspiration. Seeing how both men and women interact with their clothing. Our clothes say so much about us and I believe how we present ourselves really is an outward expression of how we feel about ourselves. I want to encourage women to feel confident in who they are and love themselves for their natural shape, which is reflected in all of my designs."

    Mary first noticed her interest in designing when she was a just a girl. "I’ve been interested in fashion and designing from a very young age. My first designs were taping fabric and Kleenex together creating dresses for my Barbies. I was always mesmerized by clothing and how the different pieces came together to create something beautiful, just like a puzzle. I often spent my free time after school reading magazines and sketching new designs, pushing myself to create something new and exciting. The path to become a designer was something I never questioned, I knew from a young age I wanted to design and create clothing for women to feel comfortable and confident in."

    Mary takes pride in being Canadian and finds investing in the economy to be satisfying. She wants to be part of Canada's growing fashion business and encourage others to do the same, despite the common struggles. "While being a Canadian designer is extremely rewarding it comes with its own set of challenges, specifically with finding resources, such as fabrics, trims and production, especially when it comes to production of a niche garment like lingerie. I’m very thankful to have found an amazing production house in Montreal that has years of experience to work with." In five years Young see's her line progressing to include more than just loungewear and lingerie, hopefully expanding to include a swimwear collection as well.  

Visit INLAND this May 2+3 to meet Mary in person and shop her gorgeous collection. 

Written by: Deborah Lopez-Delgado, Intern + Ryerson University Fashion Communications student