The movement towards wanting to know how, where and who has made our garments has become an exciting and important focus in global retail.  Shoppers are educating themselves about what lies beneath the layers and are looking to local designers, local manufacturers and independent retailers to satisfy a new need to feel more connected to the things we buy, especially what we put on our bodies. We crave quality, detail, and an honest product.

For just under 2 years, with their extraordinarily stylish collection of knit menswear, BREED Knitting has built their brand on a commitment to maintaining a reliable, honest, quality driven company. Founded on the collaboration of two talented entrepreneurs, BREED Knitting comes from the design work of Frédérique Sarrazin and Ariane Michaud. Frédérique, a knitting consultant, and textile textile production manager, studied at the Center of Contemporary Textiles in Montreal, specialized in knitting. In 2006, she started her own textile development company under the name of Frederique S.tricot Design. Ariane Michaud, a designer, technician and graphic designer, completed a degree in Fashion Design at Marie-Victorin, specializing in menswear. She later worked for a well-known design studio in Montreal as a technician and illustrator. When the two ladies' passions, knowledge and drive for quality came together, it was an inevitable partnership with outstanding results.

BREED not only designs each piece in their classic,  casual line, but they also design and produce their own fabrics. The process starts with the development of a great concept and beautifully crafted textile design, planned and refined from within BREED's Montreal studio. Raw yarns are then hand-selected and imported from high-quality mills in Italy.  In Montreal, the yarn is woven into knit panels on industrial, often hand-operated, machines to reflect the original design concept. The panels are then cut and sewn right in in the studio, meeting exceptionally high control and quality standards.

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Frédérique and Ariane take great pleasure in being part of each stage of the design and production process. It has allowed them to build and maintain a reliable and honest company that customers value, believe in and feel connected to.  When asked where their success lies, the women explain that they "work in constant synergy with current global design and production trends in order to offer a product that is not only aesthetically unique, but practical."  They look forward to expanding their product line by working in collaboration with other local artists and designers to enhance the reach and recognition of design in Montreal and across Canada.

Meet Frédérique and Ariane of BREED Knitting and learn more about their work and design at INLAND. Sept. 6 + 7, 2014.


Sarah Power