3rd Floor Studio_INLANDspring2016

Canadian fashion is not everything you see on the runway or in magazines. In fact, the identity of Canadian fashion, and global fashion at large for that matter, is becoming more about the maker process and the unique story behind the brand rather than just a series of fleeting Instagram posts and trending silhouettes. Great fashion is great fashion regardless of what goes on behind the scenes, but shoppers are increasingly selective and want to be romanced and catered to by the brands they choose to support.  

Custom-made fashion is about as catered to as you can get.  Shoshanah Kuper, creative director and owner of 3rd Floor Studio, a Toronto-based woman’s clothing line, is well known for her custom work. 3rd Floor Studio specializes in ethically produced evening-wear for playful, confident women who invest in themselves to look and feel fabulous. 

"Being a small run designer makes sense to me as there will only be a handful of people that have the same items."

“I always loved clothes, especially those from eras past. I had Victorian and Medieval paper dolls I was obsessed with and when we would go to Eaton's I would stand in front of Titanic and Gone with the Wind Barbie for ages. Being a child who lived in hand-me-downs for years having something that was unique was what I always wanted and rarely had. Therefore, being a small run designer makes sense to me as there will only be a handful of people that have the same items as opposed to a mass manufacturer that everyone you know owns the same shirt.” shares Shoshanah.    

With an affinity for creating unique, story rich pieces, Shoshanah's work has become very popular with celebrities looking to make a statement. She has provided clothing for media events like TIFF and Breakfast Television  as well as celebrities Meghan Heffern, Melissa Leong, Kristin Booth Kassandra Santos, Cara Gee, Gabrielle Miller and Natalie Brown, to mane a few. Much of her celebrity success is due to her former stint with Stylist Box run by Toronto-based fashion promotions team Gale McInnes and Christian Dale, but also because Shoshanah is excellent at what she does, and naturally develops strong relationships with stylists, industry and key personalities who love to wear and use her work for all kinds of projects and events.

3rd Floor Studio_INLANDspring
3rd floor studio_INLANDspring 2016
3rd Floro Studio_INLANDspring
3rd Floor Studio_INLANDspring2016

Dedicated and thoughtful in everything she does Shoshanah describes her style as being “a lot of prints and easy to wear pieces that don't need a lot of extra work to create an outfit. Everything is made with fit and flattering silhouettes in mind and has a nod to vintage without looking like a costume. My pieces are made with real women's bodies in mind. I cut very hourglass and every pieces is made strategically to be flattering on that women's body, not necessarily a fashion model's body.” 

Meet Shoshanah and shop her wonderful, Canadian-made, celebrity worthy collection 3rd Floor Studio at INLAND this May 6-8 at QRC West, 134 Peter St., Toronto.   

Sarah Power