TMR Collection

TMR Collection_INLANDspring2016

TMR Collection, founded and designed by Tara Rivas, is a Toronto based fashion label specializing in contemporary womenswear. Tara’s distinctive sense of style combines the clean lines of Scandinavia with a hint of Latin American verve, which is reflected throughout the line. 

Proudly supporting the Canadian apparel industry, TMR features locally sourced fabrics and quality manufacturing. A natural addition to the INLAND line-up, we had a chance to speak with Tara about her thoughts on being a designer in the Canada. 

Who are some key people that inspire/ motivate you?
My mentor, family members and customers are my key motivators. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by such inspirational people who have always encouraged me to follow my dreams and take chances. Starting your own business, sharing your art and personal style are all about taking risks and that excites me.

What advice would you give emerging talent?
Given the saturated market and highly competitive nature of the fashion industry, it is important to create a product that has a distinctive flair in order to stand out. My advice to emerging talent is to pay attention to the small details, learn from any mistakes, stay on track with the seasonal design schedule, don’t shy away from constructive criticism and give it your all and persevere!


TMR Collection_INLANDspring2016
TMR Collection_INLANDspring2016
TMR Collection_INLANDspring2016

If you weren’t designing, what would you be doing?
I would probably be planning another creative venture of some sort.

Do you have a favourite Canadian designer or artist?
Although there are so many talented Canadian designers and artists, I have been drawn to Smythe’s tailoring, high quality and clean lines. As for emerging talent, I am intrigued by Matthew Gallagher’s alluring and unique designs.

What do you think there should be more of in the Canadian fashion industry? 
There was a recent petition circulating around to help obtain government funding for designers in Canada. I strongly believe there should be more financial support for designers. Excluding Quebec, fashion throughout Canada is not recognized as a “cultural industry”, meaning that designers are not eligible to receive the grants that are currently given to other arts and culture sectors. With appropriate funding, this would give more opportunities for designers to progress in the industry.

What about yourself, do you think would surprise people?
When I want to unwind, I find it very relaxing and therapeutic to play the piano by ear and compose my own songs.

When you’re not working, what are you doing?
I enjoy exploring new hot spots in Toronto, hosting dinner parties and exercising when I can. I do try to find a balance in the midst of this fast paced industry so I can regenerate my thoughts.

Why does Made in Canada matter?
Nowadays, people are becoming increasingly aware of ethical and sustainable practices, making locally made products attractive to consumers. As a proud Canadian, I love being able to support the local economy by manufacturing our collection in Toronto. This also allows me to be hands-on and oversee everything from start to finish during production.

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